About me

Hello, my name's Julie W. Tran and I am a writer. My family and I enjoy spending time with each other. We enjoy having friends over and playing with makeup games. One of our favourite games is logic. https://riddlesbest.com/ is an online platform that assists children and their parents improve their thinking skills.

You can solve riddles, tackle problems and gain knowledge by playing games. Writing is something that I am passionate about. It all began long ago. When I was in my twenties I was just three years old. When I was a little girl, I would play with my toys when walking and didn't know what my mom was thinking of planning for me. My mother realised one spring that her daughter was old enough for her to master the alphabet. So we got acquainted - me and the letters. They were printed in the early days huge, angular and extremely bent. However, their purpose was obvious!

My parents weren't happy about my new hobby. However, they couldn't keep up with it and could not prevent it. They had to wait until I became tired of writing on walls and started writing letters to my grandmother. It happened quickly. As a young adult, I was 4 at that time. I began writing to my grandmother on a weekly basis and at the exact time when I was taking over the education of my younger brother. He was a techie and didn't seem to care about my calligraphy education. His purpose was to construct.

These are all memories. They are also precious because it is how I first began my journey of friendship with the world. Since then, I have found myself wanting to write about what I witnessed and heard as well as what my thoughts and dreams were. As a teenager, I discovered that everybody sees the world differently than me.

That means you have to present what you saw. That's where poetry began. To compose lines on any subject, I used four different languages. This enabled me to express a broad range of emotions that people experience. Although I tried my best to improve my writing skills in contrast to my peers who also were interested in rhyming , I was not able to learn the theories. I'm still not sure about the various dimensions of poetry. Although I'm not familiar with the dimensions of poetry, on the other hand, I am a good fit.